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They dynamic design duo, brother team Daniel and Daren Daley sat with Branded to let us into their creative world of digital/web design and working with family.

Daniel Daley of Dozen Dezigns

Daniel Daley of Dozen Dezigns

Branded: Tell us a bit about your path and what inspired you to get into your field

Daniel: From an early age technology and art have been an intertwined passion shared
between the both of us. Growing up we had the privilage to have parents who are
themselves creators and business minded. To move forward with this passion, we
have studied in the fields of IT (Computer Science and Multimedia Production)!!
Together with our range of knowledge, we can effectively use technology to put forth
the next level of marketing products for businesses to grow with our ever changing

Branded: What do you love about what you do?

Daren Daley of Dozen Dezigns

Daren Daley of Dozen Dezigns

Daren: Being able to create and expand a single idea into a working process for a customer is
very satisfying. Helping a thought to become a real tangible product.

Branded: What would you tell a young person looking to get into your industry?

Daren: Continuous intake of information on a wholistic level and relating it back to your core
passion. You need to obsess with your industry and perfect your craft wholistically
through discipline, dedication, and determination.

Daren and Daniel tell us what make them a cut above the rests. “We are a motivated team striving to bring forth the most emotion evoking art to the
light. Ranging from musical compositions to event organizations, our mandate is to
“Make the customer Happy”. The future is now and we are the designers of what the
future will look like…whether that is from our own visions or the visions of those we
partner to work with….we will help usher in the look and feel of the future,” shares the duo.

Daniel & Daren’s Tips for Success:

1. Always stay hungry.!
2. Always answer all the questions.!
3. Always make time.

Simple enough right?


Daniel: Our company started during my high school year doing commission work for friends,
airbrushed and painted clothing, and the sale of hats. This followed throughout my
high school years and we reworked it to later sell shoes and other hats.577744_124113347748134_51880951_n

We had a blast with these two creative geniuses. They will be at the Branded Youth Marketing Conference on November 13th so be sure to register to connect with them. You can learn more about what the brothers do by connecting on twitter, facebook or visiting their website.


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