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Company Challenge is a program run by Community Empowering Enterprises, which facilitates training and opportunities that empower young Black entrepreneurs with the skills and resources needed to succeed in their industries. Branded will be featuring one member of Company Challenges’ current cohort- #CRE8 everyday for the next __ _______days.

CRE8, Facilitator & Social Worker


First up,  is David Mowa:

Videographer: David Mowa

We at Dotbangzfilms work to reveal the unrevealed, the hidden gems. I work with businesses and artists ready to display their talent in front of a HD Lens. Our goal is to help them to gain international exposure over video broadcasting sites such as YouTube at an affordable rate.
My brother and I shot our first video at random. It was for a friend – CMajor – an emerging Scarborough artist. The video gained 6000 views in its first week on YouTube. From there we began receiving video production requests from other people in our circle and then from others across the city.
We continue to feel compelled to capture the scenes of life and living, from moment to moment. From the start and till today, our objective remains: maintain quality, client satisfaction, integrity and strong work ethics.

The inside scoop on David Mowa:

What were you doing before starting DotBangz films? I was Playing basketball

What is your favourite book? 1984

What are the values that DotBangz Films is based on? Integrity, hard work ethics, passion, longevity

What is your favourite quote?   “It is a crime for a wealthy nation to give their citizens starvation wages.” Martin Luther King Jr.

What is one thing that you’ve gained from taking a risk? You get what you deserve, Keep the real people in your life, When you come to a crossroad take the ladder. Have the courage to take the first step.

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