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With just one more day to go until the 2014 Branded Youth Marketing Conference we figured we would slip in one more Professional Feature. Mr. Errol Cyrus a 15 year seasoned professional and owner of Keep Marketing Simple sat with us to share his journey.

Erroy Cyrus, Owner of Keep Marketing Simple

Errol Cyrus, Owner of Keep Marketing Simple

Branded: Tell us a bit about your path and how you got into your industry

Errol: My undergrad is a B. Sc. in Business administration, during the program I decided that I didn’t like accounting and thought my personality was more suited for marketing and so went on to do a post grad diploma in marketing. Started out in banking & finance where I developed marketing plans for a new branch location and the branch was very successful. Went back to school and completed my MBA. My next job was Brand manager and worked in brand development. All my subsequent jobs have had some element of marketing, sales, promotion and so does my present jobs of publishing , promoting and personal selling.

Branded: What do you love about what you do?

Errol: I love meeting people and just getting to learn more about what they do and their interests. I also have the opportunity of helping to make people’s lives better. Whether it be helping people to become music literate through the music books I publish, promote and distribute or educating employers about working with people with disabilities.

Branded: What would you tell someone looking to get into your industry?

Errol: Get qualified, certified or trained. Practice good presentation techniques/skills. Possibly even join Toastmasters. Be prepared to start from the bottom and always be genuinely interested in the people you meet !

Errols Tips for Success

1. Know your product/service
2. Be open to new ideas and embrace change
3. Know your consumer profile inside out.

Thank you Errol for sharing your words of wisdom! To connect with Errol Cyrus on LinkedIn just click here

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