Tool kits For Branded 2014

Branded 2014 Social Media Tool Kit

The Branded 2014 Social Media Took Kit will help clients develop their social media. With the Social Media Tool Kit clients will be introduced to the topic of social media, social networking, and social media platforms available. Clients will be given guidelines to help design their social media. The tool kit will provide information on popular mainstream social media platforms. The tool kit will also provide a chart to organize ideas, and to keep work on track. Also provided is a glossary of terms, including important social media tips.

Branded 2014 Tool kit Press Kits final

The Branded 2014 Press Kit will help clients develop their biography, and company profile. A walkthrough guide will provide detailed tips and important information for the press kit. A worksheet is provided to help clients organize and give structure to their company profile. Also included is a checklist to keep clients on track.

Branded 2014 Tool kit Template Million Dollar Pitch_DraftToolkit

This tool Kit will help clients develop a business pitch. Through this tool kit clients will learn to create a business pitch for investors, for the media, and also to corporate sponsors. Resources for sample business pitches are provided along with a list of key terms.

Branded 2014 Toolkit

The Branded 2014 Took Kit will help clients develop their business writing skills. The worksheets provided will help develop problem solving skills. Worksheets will also provide brainstorming for building a business. A vocabulary of keywords will also be provided to develop storytelling skills. Clients will also be given guidelines to develop a slogan for their business. The next step will be to develop a business pitch, and also advertising methods. Guidelines will also be provided to draft a biography. Clients will also be provided with a template and an example of what their finished product will look like. A checklist is also included to keep clients on track.