Dr. Carole Chauncey

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Dr. Carole Chauncey is a certified life coach who is passionate about empowering women to make choices and achieve their personal and professional goals. She graduated with a B.S. degree in Biology from the City University of New York. She has a Masters in Library and Information Science and a doctorate in Information Science from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Professor Chauncey taught in the Ted Rogers School of Information Technology Management (TRSITM), Ryerson University. Dr. Chauncey founded and administered a Mentoring Program in TRSITM for several years. In 2009, she received the Dr. Carrie Best Memorial Award from Ryerson University at the Viola Desmond Day Celebration. While employed at the Veteran’s Administration Medical Service Center, Dr. Chauncey received the Federal Women’s Program Award. She was awarded Higher Education Act Fellowships while she was enrolled in both the graduate and postgraduate programs.


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